Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine and currently working in New York City, Alex Filatov is an accomplished fine art photographer with local expertise and a global outlook. Constantly striving to better his understanding of the world around us and seeking to cultivate his love of nature, Alex’s academic excellence in his pursuit of the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Fordham University was rewarded by graduation with honors (Magna Cum Laude) and recognition by the most prestigious honors society in the United States, Phi Beta Kappa. Shortly following the completion of his studies, he was inspired to pursue photography by the stunning landscapes of Tuscany. Largely self-taught, Alex is fully devoted to perfecting his photography, which ranges from the quintessential cityscapes of bustling New York City to the sweeping landscapes of the American Southwest.

Alex has worked on projects with companies such as the Nikon Corporation, Google/Nik Software, F-Stop Gear as well as Montana and Maine Boards of Tourism in addition to multiple private clients. His current work with the Sigma Corporation of America is dedicated to landscape and wildlife photography with the company’s flagship DSLR, the Sigma SD1 Merrill; Alex is a regular contributor to Sigma’s blog.  Alex’s images have been featured in magazines worldwide, including Digital SLR Photography (United Kingdom) and Destination: New York (France). Some of his nature and urban photographs have been featured online by the National Geographic Society and represented by National Geographic Stock. Guided by pure passion for photography and enthusiasm for teaching, he has led workshops and taught photographers of varying skill levels.

Selected publications and projects:

Destination: New York - Magazine Cover       Digital SLR Photography Magazine - Showcase       National Geographic - "10 Most Visited National Parks" Feature

"Paradise Found" used to showcase Analog Efex Pro, Google Nik Collection

F-Stop Gear Newsletter       F-Stop Gear Newsletter       F-Stop Gear Newsletter

F-Stop Gear Newsletter       F-Stop Gear Newsletter       F-Stop Gear Newsletter


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