Creative B&W Processing Techniques eBook by Guy Tal Review


Creative B&W Processing Techniques Using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is the latest eBook by the visionary Utah-based full-time photographer, writer and naturalist Guy Tal. Guy’s work has served as a great inspiration from the beginning of my journey as a nature photographer, and I have recently had the opportunity to review this new addition to his Creative Series of eBooks. The book applies the concepts previously discussed by Guy in his fantastic book Creative Processing Techniques to give the reader an approach to producing high-impact digital black and white images.

Guy goes to great lengths to thoroughly discuss every single link in the chain needed to generate creative B&W digital images, making the book suitable for a wide audience ranging from amateur to professional photographers. The enlightening introduction examines the very reason for existence of B&W photography, providing food for thought for the chapters to come. Beautifully illustrated, detailed discussion essential to B&W photography on how color and intensity of light translates into monochromatic tones follows. It is precisely such knowledge that allows the photographer to begin the creative process and over time, learn how to interpret the visual information available to them to create compelling B&W photographs.


Guy effectively proceeds to show how to begin developing such advanced visualization skills and awareness, effectively stripping the limitations imposed by reality to focus on form, shapes and texture that yield original B&W images and consequently, stories, that one would not be able to otherwise tell. He meticulously guides the reader through the composition and capture process to arrive at an extensive discussion of processing the resultant images through RAW conversion in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop with the goal of creating the image pre-visualized when standing at the scene. Finally, Guy discusses printing as it applies to B&W photographs.


The skillful writing and smooth flow of topics, each building on one previously discussed, results in a relative ease of reading and comprehension. Each chapter concludes with a useful exercise to be completed by the reader, which reinforces the discussed concepts. Visually, the Creative B&W Processing Techniques eBook is wonderfully illustrated, utilizing a new template designed to accommodate a wide variety of devices including the high resolution “retina” display of the Apple iPad 3.

In summary, Guy Tal’s latest book seeks to empower the photographer to use the advanced control offered by today’s digital tools to produce effective B&W images, and succeeds marvelously. It serves as a concise complete guide to modern digital B&W photography, and at less than $10, is an absolute bargain and earns my highest recommendation.

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  • Patricia Davidson

    Excellent book review Alex! I definitely will put Guy’s book on my list as I love his style of writing and teaching.  

    • Thanks Patricia! It’s a really terrific book, a must own for every serious photographer.

  • Great review Alex. Looks like Guy has hit another home run with this one.

    • Thanks a lot Russ, you’re absolutely right.

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