Dawn Glow, Acadia National Park, Maine

My wonderful fiancee and I drove into Bar Harbor, Maine, on the evening of August 27th, as we escaped the wrath of Hurricane Irene which was ravaging the east coast. We really did not know what to expect in terms of conditions, but for the exception of the complete washout on Sunday complete with a brief power outage, we fared well compared to the thousands of people devastated by the storm.

My memories from last year’s July trip to Acadia were of blue skies and foggy evenings, with mostly unexciting sunrises and sunsets. Whether a consequence of the storm or not, the sky was amazingly clear of fog and haze for the rest of the week, leaving some clouds for us to enjoy. Our expectations were certainly exceeded as the horizon glowed every morning at dawn with hues of orange, pink, violet, red and yellow. We could not wait to stop driving, get out of the car and begin photographing the landscapes along the picturesque southeast coastline. Some of my best photographs from this adventure came from this magical dawn hour of the early morning, even before the first rays of the sun caressed the rocky seashore. 

"Acadia Morning Glow," view of Sand Beach at dawn


Early risers watch from Cadillac Mountain as the dawn colors explode over the Porcupine Islands and the town of Bar Harbor. America’s first rays of the rising sun grace this summit every day. 

"Cadillac Mountain at Dawn"

In my concluding thought, I think that as photographers, we are very fortunate to lend our sharp eye and keen observation skills to the viewer by giving them the ability to see places and people in another light, and hopefully, provide a source of inspiration. It means making the most out of each day and dedicating oneself to the study of photography, whether waking up at 4:30 AM every morning , treading cold water with the camera and tripod, or weathering Mother Nature’s storms. In the end, it is all worth it.

"The World Has Turned," dawn light illuminating the rocks at Boulder Beach


All images are ©2011 Alexander Filatov Photography. All rights reserved.

  • sj adriano

    wow! impressive preview of the acadia national park pictures! looking forward to see more. probably one of your best blog entry. love the images! impressive colors and composition.

  • What an absolutely stunning collection! I love these images, especially “the world has turned”. I’ve been working on this type of misty boulder thing myself lately so it really caught my eye.

    • Alex

      Thank you Anne! I really appreciate the kind words. Keep up the good work. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email about Acadia.

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