For A Minute There, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York

For a minute there, I lost myself.

"For A Minute There"


This is not one of the world famous California coast beaches. This is Coney Island / Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, but there is no shortage of great images to be captured here. Although this is the birthplace of Astroland, America’s first theme park, it was not what I was after in this photo. Encountering this beach scene on an October evening with those swirling, almost hurricane-like clouds, deep blues, subtle reds and yellows, reflections in the wet sand and seagulls standing still against the wind is a great moment to behold. The buildings, delving into the low-income projects heading west, and the boardwalk captured on the right side of the image remind the viewer of the urban setting.

I am quite proud of my Coney Island portfolio. This is where I live and it has always been important to portray it in a light that may be surprising to some people. I hope that you enjoy it!

All images are ©2011 Alexander Filatov Photography. All rights reserved.

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