Majestic Appalachia, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

The natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is fully revealed during the spring. Slowly waking up from its winter slumber, the valleys fill with the sound of rushing streams and singing birds. Blooming dogwoods, budding trees and a variety of wildflowers that make the Smokies so famous cover the green slopes of the mountain sides. Every morning is a chance to experience the wondrous sight of warm light coloring the mountaintops, making one feel brand new. At the conclusion of the day, filtered by the haze and fog that gives the Smokies its name, the red disk of the sun again hides behind the never-ending overlapping ridges, extending an invitation to stay just one more day.

I wanted to share some of these majestic mountain vistas with you with the hope that you may experience just a bit of that Appalachian magic.


“Spring Awakening.” Freshly budding trees soak up the sunrise light as it spills across the Appalachian mountain range and the Oconaluftee Valley.


“Blue Mountain Side.” Backlit spruce trees as seen from Morton’s Overlook.


“Red Appalachian Sun.” A stormy April sunset as viewed from Clingmans Dome.


“Chimney Tops Hillside.” Light green colors of spring grace the partially bare hillside of the Chimney Tops.


“A Break in the Clouds.” Heavy storm clouds hang over the summit of Clingmans Dome, the highest point in Tennessee at 6,644 feet (2,025 m) with a momentary break sending cascading rays of light onto the spruce and fir-covered peaks.


“Newfound Gap.” First light of an April morning colors the Appalachian peaks at Newfound Gap at the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, which at an elevation of 5,046 feet is the lowest drivable pass through the park.


“April Symphony.” The spring sun sinking behind the horizon, as viewed from high above Blue Ridge Parkway.


All images are ©2012 Alex Filatov Photography. All rights reserved.

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