Neon Rush, New York City

Today is a cold day in New York City and although the sky was ablaze with colors at sunrise, the sunset had no light to offer because of the oncoming storm. I therefore headed to a place fully lit 24/7/365, the center of the city and the world – Times Square. Every time I come here, I feel like a tourist in my own town as I stare at these stunning lights and colors with awe.

Times Square, NYC

"Neon Rush"


I had always wanted to have a nice panning shot of a New York City yellow cab in my portfolio and was able to execute it to my satisfaction. My favorite part of this image are the reflections on the windshield. This shot represents a real slice of city life and means to convey the feeling of NYC rush hour with the color and vitality of every New York minute. I hope you enjoy this one!

As an entertaining aside, as I was panning away, one of the cabbies pulled over and asked, “What are you trying to photograph?” When I told him “the lights,” he was convinced that I wasn’t telling the truth – I guess following the cabs with the camera had him thinking I was out to photograph the cab drivers!

Please read more about photographing Times Square at night in this article on Nikon USA.

All images are ©2011 Alexander Filatov Photography. All rights reserved.

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