On the Rocks, Acadia National Park, Maine

This photograph of blue hour on Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park, Maine, is a high dynamic range (HDR) image, generated by processing multiple exposures and combining them using specialized software. There has been much debate concerning this topic in photography circles, pretty much dating back to the time the technique was invented. Many pundits have come out of the woodwork claiming that it should not be used as it makes the photos look “unnatural.” Others, such as Trey Ratcliff (aka StuckInCustoms), have embraced the technique and utilize it as the primary processing method.

Acadia National Park, Maine

"On the Rocks"

I, however, am not anti-HDR but reserve my use of it. This photograph was made with my Nikon Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8 lens, which unfortunately does not allow the use of graduated neutral density filters. Therefore, since I wanted an extra wide angle perspective of this complexly lit scene, I had resorted to HDR. I had gone through a phase where I used to generate “tripped out” HDRs, but now adjust the strength in Photomatix to only 20-30%.

What do you think?


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