Rim Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

The Rim Trail, extending from Fairyland to Bryce Point, offers stunning vistas of the Bryce amphitheater. The trail, 5.5 miles (9.6 km) long, climbs 1754 feet to a maximum elevation of 8354 feet (2546 m). While it does encompass some fantastic viewpoints such as Sunrise Point, Sunset Point and Inspiration Point, its true beauty lies in between these heavily visited locations. The image above, entitled “Bryce Alpenglow,” was captured on a late afternoon hike in December as the hoodoos were enveloped in magical alpenglow.


"Bryce Alpenglow"


Technique: The composition is anchored by the dry plant at the edge of the rugged trail, leading the eye towards some of the taller grottos in the foreground which give way to beautiful snow-covered hoodoos in the distance. I initially used an aperture of f/18 for optimal front-to-back sharpness and focused just beyond the hyperfocal distance, but this still was not enough to produce an acceptably sharp image. Instead, I captured two images focusing on the foreground and background elements. After minimal adjustments in Lightroom, the exposures were auto-aligned in Photoshop and then blended to produce a composite photo with maximal front-to-back sharpness.


All images are ©2012 Alexander Filatov Photography. All rights reserved.

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