The Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona

Located merely a few miles southwest of Page, Arizona within the boundaries of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the Horseshoe Bend is surely one of the most spectacular river bends you’re ever likely to see. Getting there is simple – take US 89 south for about 4 miles from North Lake Powell Boulevard. The road will intersect with US 98, and then your destination is just a mile away. From the parking lot, it’s an easy 1/2 mile walk to the bend. It is a beautiful location to photograph at sunrise, when the sun lights the Vermillion Cliffs on the horizon, or at sunset, as in the capture above.


The Horseshoe Bend

“The Horseshoe Bend,” Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona


Technique: most importantly, the bend is very steep from the edge and requires utmost caution in order to photograph. Please be careful! You will need at least a 21 mm lens in order to encompass both sides of the river. A graduated filter will come to good use because this location is best captured at sunrise and sunset. Alternatively, one may bracket shots and combine them later digitally.

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  • GregC

    Congratulations ! Great Photos ! and useful advices Really Impressive ! Superb Blog

    I have question what You will recommend in terms of the lens to take for Upper Antelope – I have choice between 10-20mm (I have Canon D40 with 1.6 crop) so practically 16-32mm and 24-105mm so practically ca. 35-160mm – what is your recommendation ? I will appreciate for your answer 😉

    • Alex

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks! I recommend you go wide, so go with your 10-20mm. Most importantly, do not change the lens once you’re inside. That’s a great way to ruin the camera. Remember to use the dust blower on the lens after EVERY shot.
      Good luck and enjoy!

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