Wild Goose Island and St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Oh boy…where do I begin (again)? I apologize for having so little time to regularly update this blog and thank my loyal readers for continuing to follow along. In the past few months, some exciting opportunities have come my way that I hope to share with you soon. I have also been fortunate enough to photograph the last days of summer in Glacier National Park, Montana, and golden autumn glory in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. I have been posting new work in the galleries as well as my Facebook, Google+ and 500px pages.

“Dusk at Saint Mary Lake,” Glacier National Park, Montana


My first ever visit to Glacier presented an unanticipated difficulty. Almost simultaneous with my arrival was the unwelcome appearance of wildfire smoke, blown in from southern Montana and the neighboring states. Gone was the clarity of the air, with omnipresent haze enshrouding the glacial peaks from sunrise to sunset. Sometimes, as the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” One evening at the iconic Wild Goose Island Overlook, I tried to do just that. While the fine details in the snow-covered mountains of the Lewis-Clark Range were transformed to silhouettes by the smoke that hung in the air, the haze picked up some of the sunset light, yielding a magical glow reflected in the calm waters of the St. Mary Lake.

“Rainbow Over Wild Goose Island,” Glacier National Park, Montana


Two days later, I was back at the same spot before dawn in the hope of capturing sunrise light on the ridge. Mother Nature had other ideas, though. My hopes were fading with the dark, menacing clouds blown in by strong stormy winds from the southwest. Following a light rain shower, ten other photographers had promptly packed up their gear and left. Suddenly my patience was well-rewarded in a transient, unforgettable moment of a magic: the sun broke through the clouds illuminating Wild Goose Island with a gorgeous rainbow arching over it.

Some of my favorite photographs were obtained when others have called it a day. I cannot overemphasize the importance of persistence, patience and determination in nature photography, qualities that become particularly important when the pre-visualized image cannot be captured due to unfavorable conditions. One should not become discouraged and instead, accept the unplanned circumstances as a challenge to make original, truly meaningful photographs.


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  • Well said Alex!  I have quite a number of photos I really like simply because I stayed beyond when I initially thought the light was done.  Sometimes nothing happens, but its still usually in a location where it is nice to just sit and take it all in.

    • Thanks my friend. Of course, if things are really not working out, spending some time with the camera away from your face simply enjoying nature is very rewarding. Have a great weekend!

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